The extensive appraisal offered below is intended for those who are interested in purchasing this timely domain name.  The appraisal was done to determine the value of this name.  Each numbered paragraph indicates the worth of this name in terms of best business practices and domain name success.  Our auction price in Godaddy's auction is a reflection of this appraisal plus the rapid and continued projection of the growth of the wind energy industry WORLDWIDE in the next 20 years. 

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 Appraisal of Domain ""

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Please keep in mind that despite the great care and attention that has been taken in this assessment, we cannot guarantee that the domain can be bought or sold at the estimated price. It is impossible to determine a universal or definitive value due to the intrinsically volatile nature of market conditions and overall demand.

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1. Top Level Domain

The Top Level Domain (TLD) or domain extension (e.g., .com, .net,, etc.), has considerable influence upon the value of a domain name. However, not every TLD suits every term, nor does it suit every market.

The domain name is comprised of an English term and the all-purpose .com TLD. This tends to positively influence the value of the domain name. 

The .com TLD has come to be synonymous with business on the Internet and it carries a higher level of prestige and reduces the risk of traffic diversion to other extensions. For these reasons, most businesses prefer to use a .com domain name for their online presence. In turn, this results in .com domain names having significantly higher values than domains with other TLDs.

The .com domain has the advantage that it may not only be used in the English-speaking world, but in countries worldwide. This is particularly relevant in countries which have strict guidelines for the allocation of country TLDs like France (.fr) or Norway (.no). The resulting international shortage of quality .com names leads to prices considerably higher than for any of the other TLDs.

2. Length and Retention

The domain name is of medium length. (13 letters). With a name of 13 letters, you may see a small negative impact in the domain’s value due to the length factor. Our research has shown that shorter domain names (from 2-7 letters) tend to be the most valuable, while domain names over 10 letters long are worth slightly less. Long names of more than 20 letters become unwieldy and are worth only a fraction of the value of a shorter name. 

The domain is relatively easy to remember. The easiest domain names to remember are those that consist of a single real word or a commonly-used expression.

3. Linguistic and Phonological Suitability

From a linguistic point of view, the domain name is considered somewhat valuable as it is a meaningful multi-word phrase in the English language. Due to a general interest in these names, they tend to be more valuable than domain names in other categories (with the exception of single or dual word English language domains). A domain’s value is inversely related to the number of words it contains— thus "" will generally be worth more than "". 

4. Typing Error Sensitivity

Companies often have a range of domain names that they might use to establish their online presence. This is commonly referred to as a domain portfolio. As a result, a company should try to acquire all possible variations, spellings and combinations of its name and its products’ names. In many instances however this has not been the case, and holes in domain portfolios have been tolerated. Not surprisingly, these holes can cause traffic diversion. In practice, companies which only register one variation of a name (as opposed to registering every variation possible) experience

substantial loss of visitors due to users being lead to incorrect domain names.

The two primary reasons for traffic diversion are typos and use of the wrong TLD. To prevent the former, a domain should be easy to spell and be as short as possible. To prevent the latter type of traffic diversion, a domain should use the appropriate TLD for its target market. For example, a UK-based business should use the extension and a German company a .de TLD.

Typo-errors account for a certain degree of traffic diversion. Through typo-errors, i.e., different spellings or comprehension problems, other domain names are often entered into the browser instead of those which the user originally intended (e.g., "exite" instead of "excite"). These traffic diversions are quantitative and less serious than missing TLDs or missing domains without a hyphen. The domain name is relatively susceptible to typo-errors, which causes a slight devaluation of the domain name.

5. Legal Situation

Legal requirements and jurisdiction have a deciding influence upon the registration and sale of domain names. As long as there are no current disputes over domains comprised of trademarked or fancifully-coined terms, legal problems do not usually occur. 

If the ownership status of a domain name is under dispute due to potential trademark conflicts, this will have a severe and negative impact upon the domain name’s value. Likewise, if the domain could be susceptible to future trademark disputes, or has been a subject of disputes in the past, this could also negatively impact the domain’s value.

The domain name can be categorized as a generic or descriptive name. Because trademarks granted on generic terms are less restrictive than those granted on unique terms, generic domain names are generally less susceptible to ownership disputes arising from a trademark conflict than are brandable, non-generic domain names. However, problems have arisen in certain cases. Because of this, you should consider consulting a qualified trademark attorney if you are unable to determine definitively whether or not the domain infringes upon pre-existing trademarks.

6. International Usage

A domain’s ability to be used internationally is a valuable asset. Though not imperative, it does considerably increase the value of a domain. Both language and TLD influence the suitability for international usage.

Due to its .com ending, is suitable for international use. .Com domains are used not only in the United States, but also in many countries around the world where use of the country-TLD is restricted or uncommon. This ending has a very favorable effect on the value of a domain name. The .com TLD has achieved great recognition around the world as a symbol for the Internet.

7. Search Engine Popularity

The appearance of popular search terms in domain names allows them to achieve higher positioning in search engine results. Search engine algorithms give higher placements to domain names that contain popular keywords. For example, upon entering the term "one" into a search engine like Google or Yahoo, the results will contain many domains that include this term. Some search-engines depend more heavily on keywords to determine relevancy, and so domain names can have a

significant impact upon positioning within a given set of the results. Again, an example of this concept in practice would see websites like “” and “” positioned towards the top of results generated for a search query "one."

According to our analysis, contains a relatively unpopular search term. A query of the Yahoo search engine returns only 11,000 results for the term "windmill works". In comparison, the most widely-searched term on the Internet, "sex," yields over 2,950,000,000 results! As you can see, this sharp contrast suggests that is either: 1). relevant only to a narrow target audience; or, 2). relevant only in certain languages. However, the domain can still be used effectively in some type of branding effort despite the term’s limited search-popularity (see next point).

8. Branding and Advertising Potential

Ideally, a domain name is identical to the brand or company name it represents in purely Internet-based businesses. Thus, for an Internet-based business, the domain name is especially important. The use of domain names by conventional companies also creates a positive image for the company and its products and/or services, as it implies the company is on the technological forefront. A strong brand identity helps to build a successful website. This applies to both internet-based businesses and conventionally-established companies.

Although opinions vary as to what makes a good brand name, many experts suggest considering the memorability of a name; phonological characteristics, different qualities the name can evoke, uniqueness, and easy spelling. In addition, a brand name can be valued highly if it uses a .com extension in the Internet.

Your domain name has very good advertising and branding potential for the following reasons: 1) Short and easy to spell 2) A prestigious TLD  3) A descriptive and memorable term  For these reasons, it is certainly possible that either an existing company or an Internet start-up would be interested in developing this domain as an online brand.

While this increases the likelihood that the domain will be sought after the secondary market, it does not necessarily mean that the domain will sell for a very high price. In contrast to generic domains, brandable domain names take on their value only after their notoriety has been developed through marketing and advertising efforts. Thus, brandable domains tend to sell for much less than generic ones.

9. Market Chances

Market Chances describes the estimated probability that a buyer will find for the domain, which is based on our experience in the domain trade. With the following five tips you can increase the chances of domain sale.

1) Place the domain for sale on all the important domain markets, where actual purchase and sale of domain names takes place. Adding the domain to your favorite domain list is not an effective way to sell the domain. Domains should be placed on a market where their name is actively being advertised, through banner advertising, press releases or adverts.

2) Position your domains carefully, so that it can be found again. Pay attention when choosing the category and adding extra information, and remember to set a fixed price.

3) Do not set any unrealistic prices as this will deter potential buyers. You should base the price on our estimated value and ask yourself if you would be prepared to pay that amount for the domain name.

4) Advertise the domain: Just like in every market, where offers exceed demand, advertising is essential. This also applies to your domain name which you want to sell. It is strongly advised to enter the domain into our database at Our experience has shown that domains which are for sale and have this link on their page are sold 3-4 times more quickly. The link for the forwarding of the domain is as follows:

5) Always reply to offers: You will definitely receive some offers through the contact form about You should always answer these e-mails even when the price may be too low, as there may be some chance to negotiate. Make sure that your e-mail address is correct in the Sedo data bank so that you can be contacted. Unfortunately, your domain name is not of exceptional quality and we feel that despite the low estimated value, it could only be sold after a substantial investment in marketing. You should consider accepting any offer for the domain.

10. Commerce Potential

An important factor in a domain name’s value is the potential for online commerce in the domain’s relevant subject area. First, we must consider which industries might effectively use the domain Then, we need to answer the following questions: 1) How large is this industry, and how fast is it growing? 2) How well is this industry taking to the Internet? 

For example, the construction industry is a huge global industry; however, very few construction firms are making large investments in developing an Internet presence. Similarly, a domain name geared towards a non-profit or purely informational site may attract considerable interest, but the potential buyers are not likely to be able to pay a large amount for the domain if the site has little commerce potential. On the other hand, in the travel, adult, gambling, and software industries, an online presence is considered de rigueur and is very profitable.

The domain is associated with an industry that has not yet developed a strong presence on the Internet. This allows the domain to be applied and branded as you wish, with little residual traffic from intuitive portal searches or browser type-ins. Thus, the value of the name partially benefits through this neutrality, and its overall value is slightly increased.

Another key component in determining the overall commerce potential of a domain name is the industry associated with the terms it contains. Some industries lend themselves easier to the online world than others, and have a reputation for using the Internet to promote their products and services. As a result, any domain name that contains similar or relevant terms known to these industries can benefit significantly from this association.

According to our database, your domain name contains the search term windmillworks, which is considered to have high commerce potential. It lends itself easily to either building a website geared towards the selling of products and services, or can garnish value through its association with a popular online industry.

11. Comparable Transactions

Here we have domain sales that fall into a similar domain-related category, and which could be placed in a similar price bracket as These domain names were chosen because they share one or more of the following characteristics with 1) Extension; 2) Number of words; 3) Comparable commercial potential.

*Please remember that past domain sales are not necessarily indicative of future sales potential.* € 250

[Text Box: $ 575 € 490 $ 200 $ 700 $ 500 $ 460 $ 750 $ 875]

The fact that domains similar to have been sold is generally positive for the domain appraisal, and the chances of a sale being made are greatly improved. However, it may be that at the time of sale there was a special interest in these domains, and so we may not be able to generalize from this entirely.

12. Estimated Value

Based on our analysis of this domain, we conclude the following: the estimated value of is:

$ 600 USD

The estimated figure is based on factor analysis, and it is the value which we consider to be a fair price for both buyers and sellers. This price is subject to market conditions, negotiations and legal issues such as trademark rights. The value of this domain name, including its ability to be marketed effectively, may be increased by following the guidelines for positive domain valuation as specified in this report.