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The Elemental Horses Series - Ages 8 and up

"The Elemental Horses" books are a visual and cultural delight especially fascinating for students who struggle with language and rely on visuals to help them understand what words mean. There are actually four books in this series and each is intended to encourage children who do not like to read to become enthralled with the artwork and with messages of strength, courage, and self-reliance.  There is something magical about carousels and something powerful about horses.   Children identify with both as they become riders on each uniquely individual horse.  The books are meant to encourage self-reflection as each reader thinks about the relationships they can have with each horse.  Children from a multitude of cultures will appreciate learning the Chinese symbols of characteristics they admire.  Each book is a fantasy/science fiction children's story & art book that introduces elements of science as well as Chinese language and culture and explores the imaginations of young people.


What Are Your Superpowers? - Grades K-4

This charming, rhyming book was written to share with families, classrooms, counselors to promote the idea that awareness of one’s unique abilities develops a community of pride, acceptance, and inclusion. Each colorful, rhyming page reveals children at work and play, demonstrating their love of dancing, acting, using their service dog to achieve, having sensitive hearing or even using a picture schedule. Celebrating all children is the theme of this book, written for the K-4th grade audience. A wonderful gift for children, educators, church libraries, Child Life departments in hospitals and clinic waiting rooms.  Author:  Marget Wincent    MORE...


        Stand Tall - For ages 3 -8

This book’s encouraging message inspires children to overcome conflict with courage and dignity. It helps kids develop self-esteem, courage, compassion, positive values, and social skills in readers of all ages.
​Author: Dr. Diane Rogers





Self Esteem

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Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy - Ages 4-8

Left handed author, Billie Kelpin, wrote this book to empower little left-handers and all children who, at times, have felt "left out".  Lucky is a happy puppy who lives with Mrs. Poppyset under the "H" of the Hollywood sign in Los Angles, California.  Sometimes, however, living in a right-pawed world can be confusing for a left-pawed puppy. When William T. Stagent, the Hollywood agent, whisks Lucky and his brothers off to Hollywood to perform in the Bow-Wow-Chow-Now commercials, the challenges of being left-pawed become greater.  Hector, the Director, is almost ready to send Lucky home until the little puppy saves the day just because he sees the world from a different perspective than everyone else.  Lucky teaches young readers that often it is our difference that becomes our greatest strengths.  This is a read-to-me story rich in language with images from the talented children's artist, Julie Parker.  Lucky has his own website where children from ages 4-8 can practice memory picture and word matching of each character as well as engage in other learning activities.  Take a visit at   MORE...


SpecialBooks for



Cultural Identity

When We all Stand Tall - For ages 3 -8

Sunni gets picked on because he stands out. But when he discovers the power of courage and compassion, everything changes. This beautifully illustrated story teaches children the virtue of dignity, kindness, respect, and acceptance.   Read-aloud positive affirmation to ignite discussion and augment learning. Author:  Dr. Diane Rogers    MORE...

     Emerge - For ages 3 -8

A little seed turns anxiety into confidence. This captivating story teaches children to conquer fear with patience, courage, and self-belief.  Especially suited for children with anxiety, emotional issues, sensitivities 
or special needs. A read-aloud positive affirmation at the back of the book will ignite discussion and augment learning.  ​Author: Dr. Diane Rogers