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Learn how windmills work.  This government site shows how: 

How wind Turbines work: 

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ALEKO Green Energy   Testin is your One-Stop Shop for wind turbines, solar panels, charge controllers, power inverters and all other Green Power products and accessories. Feel free to call us at (253) 277 2675 and we will be happy to assist you. We are committed to supplying you with the best available green energy products on the market at the lowest possible prices. Check out our solar gate openers, solar string lights, floor heating and so much more!

Aeolos Wind Turbine

Aeolos wind turbine is a leading small wind turbines manufacturer in the world. Aeolos wind turbine was founded in Denmark in 1986. After 20 years development, Aeolos engineer team could provide various wind energy solutions for different customers. Aeolos owned seven patents on wind generator, control systems, blade design and inverter. Aeolos wind turbine has built an international reputation in small wind turbines industry.

At present, Aeolos products included horizontal axis wind turbines from 500w to 50kw and vertical axis wind turbines from 300w to 10kw. They were widely applied for home, farm, village, school and small wind farm. Aeolos wind generators are working in US, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique and more than 60 countries and regions. We try to provide more efficient and reliable wind power system to the world.

 Ampair           3A Carmavy Road, Crumlin Co. Antrim BT29 4TF +44 (0) 28 9445 2437

Ampair has been manufacturing high quality renewable energy power systems in the UK for almost forty years. Ampair wind and hydro turbines are renowned internationally for their durability in extreme environments. With nearly 30,000 systems sold to date, Ampair turbines and power systems are currently providing power to equipment in virtually every country and ocean on the globe. From Alaska to the Antarctic, the Solent to the Sahara, you will find Ampair turbines and renewable energy systems. Ampair are frequently selected for harsh weather locations, such as for oilfield and pipeline relays.

Australian wind and solar 12/15 Thackray Road 3207 Port Melbourne Australia 
                                             1300 736 458

Australian Wind and Solar are designers/manufacturers of quality wind turbines that can withstand the harsh Australian climate. We offer turbines from 300 watt power for both on and off grid applications, right up to 50Kw for commercial use.



Controlling your energy is just the beginning. Reduce your operating expenses with UGE's turnkey solutions and full service support.
Along with our design services, we provide modular components, encompassing solar, wind, power electronics, energy storage, and all mounting equipment. The result is the most advanced technological design with unparalleled ease of use every time.
UGE was founded on the belief that customers are best served with a solutions-based approach.
By first understanding the energy challenge faced, then piecing together the system that will best solve it, numerous benefits are attained, including increased energy production, more reliable generation, and higher energy density.


Zonhan has for over 10 years been specializing in wind and solar power products.  We service everything we sell. We have seen scores of companies come and go, but we have consistently been here to take care of our customers. We supply good quality, low-priced renewable energy systems - proving that renewable power need not cost the earth.  We've provided you very comprehensive alternative energy products, including complete systems, solar power panels, wind power generators, inverters, and controllers. Our mission is to demonstrate that green energy is genuinely viable, whether you are living on or off grid - and that renewable energy can be a sound financial investment, as well as a sound investment in our future.

We believe that Alternative Energy products should not only be utilitarian, but also be aesthetically pleasing to look at. Our experience means that we will execute our services as efficiently as humanly possible. And lastly, we believe in innovation and creativity, finding new ways to serve our customers better.